All great things begin with a vision… a dream.” – Estee Lauder

When the telecom industry evolved and the world experienced faster connectivity with the advent of 2G & 3G, the people adopted this new age of connectivity and the telecom industry fared. However, iBus Networks noticed a disparity within the industry. Out of the three pillars of business success – people, places and technology – the telecom industry penetrated only the first part. The in-building connectivity across the world needed innovation using technologies that could adapt to the evolving needs of the end-users.

Founded in 2010, iBus Networks was born with a vision to connect people, places and technologies. iBus Networks is an in-building connectivity solutions company with an emphasis on blitzscaling, using future-ready technologies. In simple words, we come first and connectivity follows. iBus delivers GDPR compliant high quality, secure connectivity and provides first-party hyperlocal data intelligence. With a license from the Department of Telecommunications, iBus Networks is at the forefront of business innovation.


Projects catered by our operational networks


Million sq. ft. of tenanted area


Connected users
every day

500 million

Connected footfalls, every single day

With a vision to unite people, places and technologies, iBus Networks caters to the people (end-user) by seamlessly integrating two different customer segments at the same time:

Places – Premises that need in-building connectivity

If you have a premise that needs in-building connectivity, iBus Networks is your one-stop shop.

iBus Networks custom-designs the connectivity infrastructure solutions through an in-house team on the latest iBwave tool. It predicts the best possible design considering the interiors of each project separately and to suit the unique challenges of that particular building and business requirement.


Your clients, the end-users, enjoy uninterrupted seamless voice and high-speed data connectivity inside your premises.

Technologies – Telcos that seek to expand network coverage

iBus Networks engages with Telcos after understanding the business needs and risks of its clients. iBus is empathetic towards client needs and shares the outcomes as a partner using a three-phased approach:

Phase-I: Invest
We invest in the sites best suited for the client’s connectivity needs. This leads to a two-party model where the site and telcos can be seamlessly integrated within the iBus framework.

Phase-II: Own
One the client site requirement is completed, iBus Networks understand and own the outcomes for the client.

Phase-III: Operate
iBus Networks operates the site and maintains in-building connectivity. The up-time of the site and the operational overheads are shared between the client and iBus.

Why Work with Us

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Our experienced team of professionals come with deep subject matter expertise to design and develop in-building connectivity solutions using cutting edge technology.

An Ever-Evolving Bond

An Ever-Evolving Bond

At iBus, we believe in the old school, long term relationships that get better with time. We do this by walking with you and proactively helping you evolve over time.

Robust, Time-Bound Processes

Robust, Time-Bound Processes

Quality and on-time delivery are promises we take very seriously at iBus. That’s why we follow stringent quality checks and processes that help us deliver projects on time.

Environment Friendly “Green” Designs

Environment Friendly “Green” Designs

Our solutions are designed not only to be cost effective, but also to be energy efficient.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Our solutions are GDPR compliant with highest regard to an individual's privacy and security.


To Connect People, Places and Technologies

  • Focused on Domain – Connectivity
  • Definitive Scope – Users and Devices
  • Specific to Marketplace – Inside Buildings


Innovative, High Growth & Connectivity Technology Company

  • Behaviour & Skill-Set – Innovative
  • Operations – We will Scale Both Horizontally & Vertically
  • Performance – We will Achieve Leadership in Our Financial Parameters


iBus Values Are What Our Team Values

  • High Performance
  • Context Awareness
  • Collectively Smart
  • Self-governed
  • Top of Market Wealth Creation