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In-Building Wireless Solutions (IBWS)

Wireless telecom services have seen astounding growth in India, fast becoming the second largest market in the world today. With this distinction comes the challenge. Mobile service providers require in-building antennas to provide coverage and capacity to their subscribers. Previously, each individual operator installed their own proprietary antenna system within a building.

In-Building Wireless Solutions

In-Building Wireless Solutions

With neutral host antenna systems installed by Ubico, all MSPs can utilize the same powerful antenna system, eliminating the need for multiple unsightly antennas distributed across a building. Ubico’s DAS protects the ambience and aesthetics of the property because multiple wiring projects are not required. Changing service providers does not lead to the defacement of property because no change to the wiring is necessary. Service providers can simply “plug-in” and services are up and running immediately. Ubico’s systems provide complete connectivity, offering voice, data and video.

  • Ubico oversees the maintenance for their systems becoming your single point of contact.
  • Improved mobile service coverage (GSM, CDMA and 3G)
  • State-of-art active Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS) provide seamless RF-over-Fiber technology
  • Deployment of active, hybrid, or passive DAS depending on the architecture and the communication requirements of the building.