Ubico Networks

Ubico Network, flagship company of ibus Networks on in-building wireless coverage solutions, is committed to be India’s first carrier-neutral digital utility infrastructure provider. Ubico builds and manages quad-play networks, enabling service providers and property owners to offer an excellent communication experience to their customers.

Ibus Ubico’s infrastructure includes the following:

  • Ibus Talk
  • Ibus Sync
  • Ibus Sense
  • Ibus Find
  • iBus Networks was born with a vision to connect people, places and technologies. iBus Networks is an in-building connectivity solutions company with an emphasis on blitzscaling, using future-ready technologies. In simple words, we come first and connectivity follows. iBus delivers GDPR compliant high quality, secure connectivity and provides first-party hyperlocal data intelligence. With a license from the Department of Telecommunications, iBus Networks is at the forefront of business innovation.

    With a vision to unite people, places and technologies, iBus Networks caters to the people by seamlessly integrating two different customer segments at the same time:

    Places – Premises that need in-building connectivity

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