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In today’s world, any urban commercial structure needs to ensure both voice and high speed 4G mobile data connectivity throughout the building to ensure business and social continuity. Currently, this essential facility is being provided by Telcos on various frequencies from 800 MHz to 2,500 MHz that are allowed for 2G / 3G / 4G LTE.

This basic need of users is often compromised, either due to the structure of the building blocking RF signals or the unavailability of the high concurrent data traffic needed. The level of connectivity needed is possible only through a dedicated BBU / eNodB connected through a shared IBS.

We all face issues due to the extremely poor and limited telecom signal penetration inside buildings. This is primarily due to the high frequency and low wavelength spectrum being used in current 3G / 4G technology, and the problem would further worsen with 5G technology, which is in 3.3 GHz Bands. iBus Talk enables high-speed data and HD voice communication across 99% of the coverage area of an urban structure by building a telecom agnostic Infrastructure (In Building Solution – IBS) which can be shared among Telcos. A dedicated IBS can be deployed by iBus since it is a Natural Host with an IP-1 Licence being awarded by DOT. This can be provided without redoing the interiors or spoiling the aesthetics and without a huge capital investment.

Passive DAS system is coupled with active components to provide voice/data connections inside buildings

How it works?

iBus Talk deploys Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (IBS – DAS) at commercial projects ranging from 2 lakh sq. ft. to 50 lakh sq. ft. or even more. IBS consists of low-maintenance passive cables and components connected to Wideband Omni Directional Antennas which cater to all available voice and data technologies like 2G / 3G / 4G VoLTE being offered on different bands by various Telcos.

The IBS is designed in-house with iBwave Propagation tool and offers scalability with the growth in area or traffic. These implementations are deployed by trained professionals and cover 100% of the saleable area in commercial buildings, including basements and elevators. This enables seamless voice connectivity and data coverage even in completely closed areas surrounded by walls.

The shared IBS infrastructure deployed on the licensed telecom bands seamlessly integrates networks of multiple service providers. One-time cabling done in line with the project and interior readiness creates a neutral connectivity fabric and provides a level playing field. The user can tie up with a high-speed voice and data provider of his choice inside any commercial establishment such as IT Park / SEZ, Mall, 5 Star Hotel, Hospital or High-rise Apartment.

4G telecom signal penetration within large premises is extremely limited resulting in connectivity issues and impacting work efficiency. iBus Talk is the perfect solution for this. Watch the video to know more.


Professionally designed for faster implementation

Using iBwave tool we can implement an intuitive and interactive 3D model of the infrastructure to create and facilitate lightning-fast ‘plug & play’ implementation and hassle-free upgrades.

Seamless signal quality and coverage from first to last antenna installed

Converging telecom operators’ various bands and technology signals helps avoid signal losses and offer a seamless connectivity experience. iBus DAS technology and solutions help to expand the signal coverage to multiple floors and large project areas.

Plug & Play common sharable voice and high speed data for all telcos

iBus designs and deploys shareable infrastructure in line with the final interior work so that telcos’ active BTSs can plugin on or before moving in, based on the rollout plan and business case approvals.

Tracks over 250 million footfalls, every single day

With over 280+ operational sites across 15 cities, we not only provide connectivity solutions but also track millions of footfalls every day. This number is continuously increasing day by day with the addition of new sites.

Power efficient, with even lesser radiation

Our technology is designed to cover a larger carpet area. This reduces the strain on the batteries and also ensures that our EMF values are better than acceptable norms.

12+ States

280+ Sites

100,000 Users every day


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