iBus Sync

Superfast internet for offices and retailers

Internet is the lifeline for any organization or individual today, and iBus Sync is a platform that can provide high speed and highly secure internet for both enterprise and retail users. The billing systems are seamless and on-site support provides high touch service in case of any service issues.

Omni-directional wifi routers are used to provide high-speed secure data connections for businesses

We are an Internet Service Provider company in the name of M/s. iBus Network & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.


We deliver bandwidth by using several national ISPs as our media partner. We also provide backup link facilities in case of gateway issues.

Solutions Offered

Broadband & Leaseline

While WiFi systems provide visible convenience, these are not sufficient for business-critical functions like retail POS operations and enterprise communications. These require robust, highly scalable and secure LAN/WAN networks with redundancy, on an optic fibre network. As an indoor front haul carrier-grade partner with all telecom players, iBus can provide highly reliable backhaul to support its local broadband network. Our local data centres are also enabled to remotely provision additional bandwidth on demand.

Mesh networks system

iBus Sync solution can design and deliver custom-built mesh wifi networks that provide nodes which serve as a hop point for other nodes in the system. This helps the nodes farthest from the router to deliver a strong wifi signal, as they are talking to other nodes and not relying on one-to-one communication with the router. These systems provide node-node corporate LAN communication without having to clog internet backhaul. This provides high security and very high bandwidth at lower costs.


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