iBus Find

iBus Find generates customer data analytics from offline retail data

Today, almost every offline retail customer is connected online while he is shopping in a brick-and-mortar retail outlet. iBus Find carries out digital profiling of such customers while following all data privacy norms and statutes. It then provides intelligent insights to the outlets as well as to other marketeers looking for customer analytics for both the offline and online space.

Data collected from devices through wifi to create an intelligent persona for interactive marketing

How it works?

iBus Find is a platform that has GDPR compliant digital and visual data identifiers installed across its 280+ active sites. The identifiers are connected through an intelligent network, and a software platform ingests, annotates and analyzes the data. iBus Find is currently processing data of over 250 million Daily Unique Footfalls (DUF). The platform programmatically processes offline behaviour data to provide behavioural insights which are critical to both the offline outlets as well as online marketeers.

Take a look at our dashboard that provides smart data intelligence on user trends and movement within a Mall for accurate profiling and targeting. We analyse all the consumer data while following all data privacy norms and statutes.


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