As Thomas L Friedman said in “The World is Flat”, World has never been so connected and flatter than in the current times. The need for collaborations and connectivity is paramount for businesses to evolve. With the advent of AI & ML, Digital Transformation is no more an option, it is the Fulcrum. Innovation to predict and drive business transformation forms a key part of iBus Network’s strategy.

iBus Networks is an in-building connectivity solutions company that has ventured into this ‘connected’ world using a two-party dynamic business model, with an emphasis on blitz scaling, using future-ready technologies.

While the business model and technology innovations make the face of iBus’ innovation, the key focus remains on the backbone of any organisation – the People. Establishing cultural innovation, the team of experts at iBus Networks venture into the market to drive business growth for the clients and stakeholders alike.


Technology Innovation

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” – Dean Kamen

iBus Networks have evolved technologies that are the backbone of in-building connectivity solutions. Some of the innovations led by iBus include:

1. Unified multi-dimensional platform: One platform for all your in-building connectivity requirements

2. Plug-and-Play: With a focus on ease of usage, our innovations boast of a 60% faster deployment

3. Future-Ready: We have created a dynamic system that is ready for future modifications


Business Model Innovation

A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value.” – Alexander Osterwalder

iBus Networks strongly believe that the key to driving innovation is knowing the unknown. iBus follows a dynamic two-party business model to acquire sites for telcos and then engage telcos using a three-stage method: An approach that remains immune to changing business methodologies. Divided into three stages, the final engagement process includes:


The issue is identified from an end-user perspective to align our business solutions accordingly.


The process of development revolves around creating a multi-dimensional platform to address all issues in one go.


Systematic execution is carried out keeping ease of usage as the top priority, with easy-to-deploy solutions.

Cultural Innovation

If you want to win the marketplace, you first need to win the workplace.” – Douglas Conant

The workplace represents the employees who form the foundation for any successful business. iBus Networks are proud of its employees and strive to ensure utmost creativity and flexibility when it comes to employee enrichment. The vision set forth by iBus for the employees follow these two aspects:

Freedom to Evolve

iBus Networks has made it a mandate to provide employees an opportunity to showcase their talent in their own way. iBus understands each person is different and everyone needs the freedom to evolve per their own device.

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one the key parameters for employee gratification and iBus Networks delivers on the promise. With a steady work-life balance, and an aptitude for career development, iBus Networks has truly led innovation through culture.

iBus Networks is a team driven by intent, with flawless execution delivering outcomes for our many happy customers. Through the pandemic, the team has outperformed on the promises and delivered relentlessly to create business growth for our clients. This is a homage to the team’s never-ending dedication and enthusiasm. Take a look.


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