Corporate Social Responsibility

iBus Networks is powering equitable access to economic wellbeing, education, employment and sustainable world

Driving Long term Social Impact

We, at iBus, strongly believe in the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which implies that all the living beings on this planet, cutting across the boundaries, castes, creeds, religions, genders are one large family. Being a corporate citizen, we are dutiful and committed to pledge ourselves for the welfare of this large family. iBus Networks has developed a thoughtful comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship that aligns with our philosophy and maximizes the impact we can make as an enterprise. We focus on general enhancement of the social indicators of the society including but not limited to the education, health, environment, and equality.

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CSR Policy

Our objective is to promote, undertake and fund various social welfare initiatives which can bring sustainable economic development and contribute towards the economic well-being of the underprivileged sections of the society.

We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems

We are moving towards adopting an ‘Integrated’ approach which we believe can better recognize the value creation across our diverse set of stakeholders

To power equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, our team focuses on accelerating social business, building future skills, scaling our existing programs and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit and collaborating for sustainability

We integrate corporate citizenship and
social responsibility into every aspect
of our company

Our Focus areas has been:


promoting education and activities related thereto which may include, without limitation, funding, promoting, and contributing towards setting up and running and enhancement of schools, academic institutions, and other learning forums. To foster life-long learning opportunities through streamlined initiatives that cut pathways across education [access], skills/employability [inclusion], and employment [equity and quality].


iBus Networks believes in smart healthcare approach with reliance on technology, data, and expertise to transform and improve basic healthcare, sanitation, safe and clean drinking water, building health infrastructure in order to enhance access to all the population.


At iBus we are committed to make a better world of living, ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, and various programs to create awareness and educate the population to protect environment.

Rural Development

Promoting, undertaking, or funding various programs and initiatives for the development of rural areas which shall include without limitation, building basic infrastructure in rural areas to enhance the quality of living.


Promoting, undertaking, or funding various programs to eradicate extreme inequalities, particularly gender inequalities.

CSR Committee

Subash Vasudevan

Chetan Jain

Raja Parthasarathy

User Stories

Dear Ram & Pramod,

I am deeply touched by your gesture and thoughtfulness.

With all your prayers and best wishes, I am in good health now- discharged from hospital and recuperating.

Brajesh Singh

Arthur D Little – President

Hi Subash thank you so much for yesterday, the oxygen really helped. My brothers oxygen level has come back to 90. He is breathing well.

CT scan done looks to be a milder Covid – 19 he has been advised to take rest and isolate at home and take oxygen if he has trouble in breathing.

Once again thank you and Murali. You guys were like God for me yesterday.

Ravi Babji

Subash Friend

In times of the Pandemic when the hospitals are swarmed with calls for help and queries for home collections ,and other help for patients in Bangalore, we at Manipal hospitals would like to thank the IBUS networks to pitch in to help us during these dire and testing times in helping us with logistic support in the form of a fleet of vehicles to help our Phlebotomists and health care workers to go to the patients residence and help in taking necessary blood samples and medicines .They have also helped in providing us with Oxygen Concentrators for taking it to patients homes where required and advised by the clinical teams.

Would like to thank the team for their selfless service”.

Dr Murali & Rashmi

Manipal Hospital

Accelerating the Livelihood

iBus Network's CSR has proven value to communities, employees and the business. We have donated oxygen concentrators to Manipal Hospital working towards COVID-19 relief to be used by patients