who we are

iBus Networks was born with a vision to connect people, places and technologies.

Founded in 2010, iBus Networks is an in-building connectivity solutions company with an emphasis on blitzscaling, using future-ready technologies. In simple words, we come first and connectivity follows.

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We at iBus, offer in-building telecom connectivity solutions that seamlessly converge licensed telecom signals and data over unlicensed bands for resilient indoor voice and high speed connectivity enhanced by intelligence solutions.

Our platform licensed under DoT offers a unified voice and data connectivity fabric across 99% of a premise it covers that can handle all existing telecom service providers with a Plug & Play telecom infrastructure.

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iBus understood our need for a unified connectivity partner that adapts to our need to provide enhanced visitor, retailers and customer experience.


Praveen Methil | Prozone Intu

partners & clients

At iBus, we believe that we are only as good as our last project and our last client. Over the years, our commitment to provide unique solutions has won us many big projects of reputed A-Category builders. We have also been seeing large Enterprise Corporation houses preferring such telecom infrastructure solutions.

All thanks to a young, vibrant team of go-getters, this list is getting bigger and how!


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy –

iBus group aspires to become a more diverse and inclusive company to reflect the diversity of our employees and clients. We consider diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) business critical, not a compliance necessity. We seek to create an inclusive, equitable, culturally competent, supportive and safe environment where our employees model behavior that enriches our workplace.

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The current digital era has brought immense amount of convenience to our lives through a plethora of digital services at our fingertips, however these digital services warrant a robust and ubiquitous communication infrastructure to always ensure connectivity.

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